RIAA Wants Out of Yet Another Ridiculous Lawsuit

After three years of pursuing a home health aide in Brooklyn who has never even used a computer, the RIAA has announced “it’s ready to throw in the towel,” according to a Slashdot report. The catch: the RIAA wants ‘dismissal without prejudice,’ which is lawyerese for not having to pay any legal fees as a result.

According to the way these cases typically play out, when the copyright plaintiff gives up, the defendant is presumptively entitled to an attorney’s fee award, the report said. So naturally, the home health aide is asking the court for the dismissal to be ‘with prejudice,’ so she can have her attorneys’ fees. She’ll probably get them too; just a few weeks ago, another RIAA target won legal fees after the much-maligned organization dropped its lawsuit against her.

Either way, it goes to show you that like with so many things, the only people who really win in these courtroom battles are the lawyers, because they’re getting paid one way or the other.