Revolving Door: Bush Makes Way for Clinton As New Head of National Constitution Center


For a quieter world where hearing the word “politician” uttered doesn’t raise your blood pressure to near fatal levels, we turn to the passing of the torch from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton as the new head of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Who knew these guys were running museums? Or at least running museums in name, as chairmen of the board of directors. Regardless, Bush is stepping down after two years, and like an election lo those many years ago, Clinton’s picking up the role. Here’s a bit from Clinton in the press release:

“It is with pride and privilege that I will serve as the new Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Constitution Center, an institution dedicated to increasing the public’s understanding of one the most important documents in American history — the U.S. Constitution,” said former President Clinton. “Thanks to the hard work of former President Bush, Joe Torsella, and everyone involved with the museum, the vision of our founding fathers — and the safeguard of our liberty — remains just as relevant today. I look forward to working alongside them to further advance the leadership of the Center and its role in strengthening our democracy.”