Revolution Health Joins Facebook

revolution health logoEdward Frederick who already launched the bookshelf application has launched the “Who’s Sick” application. The most interesting aspect of it is the Revolution Health logo which is included in the application. While I know that Edward works at Revolution Health, I’m not quite sure if this is an official Revolution application. The Who’s Sick application allows you to track who is sick in your network so that you can send them kind words and vice versa. If you’re sick your friend can offer you words of comfort (or at least one would hope so). I happen to find this application pretty catchy. In addition to wishing friends a happy birthday, sending them your regards when they are sick is a great way of maintaining a friendship. I think the next step in this is text alerts for your friend’s birthdays and sick alerts so that you can send a text to let your friends know that you care. It would be pretty sweet if Facebook expanded their API to integrate with their text messaging system. That would surely have a high cost but would be insanely useful. In the meantime we will have to deal with what is available. If you want to know the health status of your friends, go grab the “Who’s Sick” application.