Revision3 Adds Bytejacker, Revamps The Totally Rad Show

Revision3 announced the addition of Bytejacker to its show roster, along with the relaunch of The Totally Rad Show.

features Brooklyn based Anthony Carboni reviewing games that are only available via download for Xbox Marketplace, WiiWare, Playstation Network, PCs and the iPhone.

The Totally Rad Show
, meanwhile, will now begin each week with a completely original opening theme song, in which hosts Alex Albrecht, Jeff Cannata and Dan Trachtenberg will be depicted in new and different story arcs, referencing rad moments from TV, movies and pop culture.

On Bytejacker, Carboni said:

We were really excited when Revision3 approached us. They’re responsible for so much of our favorite programming. We can’t wait to work with them to bring independent gaming to a larger audience. I’m also hoping that this will convince my parents that hosting is, in fact, a “real job.”

And on The Totally Rad Show, Cannata said:

We are excited to keep switching things up to make sure that our show stays fresh and surprising, even after two-and-one-half years. Having such talented viewers, we are always blown away by their contributions. From the start, we’ve used a new and different viewer-submitted title background each week, and we are excited to be able to highlight their influence on a bigger level going forward. The new music is a riff on our current theme, as interpreted by one of our viewers who is a musician, and the new segment backgrounds are quite spectacular. This level of interaction with our audience is what makes creating a show on the Internet so rewarding.