Required Reading – Palin’s Facebook Page Unplugged: ‘If You Don’t Like Her Posts, Leave the Group Dumbass!’

n24718773587_402.jpg Slate‘s John Dickerson has just published a must-read story on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. The story involves responses to posts she doesn’t want you to see.

Dickerson maintains Palin’s Facebook page is doctored – meaning, they delete the mean posts. But for this piece, Slate used a special computer program that allowed Dickerson and colleague, Jeremy Singer-Vine, to monitor posts before they got the ax. They monitored the page for 12 days, reading reactions during the first three minutes after Palin published a post.


Mean comments about Sarah Palin. “Please go away from my wall. I do not like you or agree with any dumb thing you say or do.”

Mean things about the people who say mean things about Sarah Palin. “if you dont like her posts LEAVE THE GROUP DUMBASS!!!!”

The result is here. For ultra-wonky types and any member of the Geek Squad, there is an in-depth explanation of the computer skills they used to complete their investigation.