Republicans to Invade the Bay Area

nypclinton.jpgRupert Murdoch is hanging up his shingle in San Francisco. The New York Post will begin Bay Area distribution next week, following a similar move the paper made earlier this year to distribute in D.C. and L.A.

Frankly, we’re offended. We kinda thought that opening up shop in L.A., meant you were gonna, you know, stick around a while. Get to know us, spend time with us. Not go tom-catting around with our prettier sister up North.

We’ve long suffered for being a one-paper town. (No, we’re not disregarding the Orange County Register, the Daily Breeze or the Daily News — they just don’t cover the entire LA area. Same goes for the Torrance Torpedo or the San Bernardino Daily Ledger-Star Bee Journal, or whatever those esteemed papers of note are called.)

We thought distributing in L.A. was a step toward settling down with us here. Buying a piece of oceanfront property and starting a little tabloid together. LA could use the juice offered by a tabloid, particularly one as incidiary and salacious as the New York Post.

To think that you were just using us as a rest stop on the way to SF! We feel so used.