Report: Short-Form Mobile Video Help Ticket Sales

Business and technical snafus have slowed movie studios from producing short-form video clips for play on MP3s and cellular phones, but research shows it could help drive ticket sales at the box office and retail stores, according to MediaPost.

The report said that about 90% of broadband users have a mobile phone, but (unsurprisingly) only 10% use it to watch video, and even fewer—6%—use it to watch live TV. Similarly, one-half of all broadband users have a portable MP3 player, but only 10% use it to watch video, according to the white paper.

These numbers, we should note, apply only to the U.S. Mobile video has more take-up in Europe and Asia, which both have had several years worth of head start.

“Rather than just sell digital content, offer free movie previews and clips as [advertising bait] to encourage people to buy a theater ticket or talk about the movie,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates, in the article. “The movie industry has evolved slowly in the past 100 years … and you can’t turn the industry on a dime, but you can adapt business relationships and technologies to market movies in short form.”