Report: Of People Not Interested In The iPad, 52% Say They "Don't Need One"

iPadLogoA recent study by Retrevo found that out of the people who are not interested in an iPad yet, 52% of people surveyed claimed they “don’t need”the new Apple device. The device, which has already sold 2 million units and is selling rapidly has been touted as a ‘magical’ device that helps people browse the web and experience technology in a new way. That said, our Nick O’Neill has had an ongoing relationship with the thing, writing his Top 7 Reasons Not To Buy One. Take a look at Retrevo’s findings about people’s opinions about the device after the jump.

The study found that after the 52% mentioned above, 38% of people say the iPad is “too expensive” and 10% are actually waiting for a good excuse. The study had 1000 people and asked them about which device they wanted to buy overall, as well. 20% are moving towards the iPhone and that number must have increased with the recent announcement of the iPhone 4. Retrevo also asked people: “What would make you buy an Android-based tablet over an iPad?” The answers are below:

– 53% say they’d get the Android-based tablet, “If it was less expensive than the iPad.”
– 33% say they’d get the Android-based tablet, “If Verizon was the carrier.”
– 28% say they’d get the Android-based tablet, “If it was discounted as part of a subscription service (like a cell phone contract).”
– 22% say they’d get the Android-based tablet, “for other reasons.”
– 16% say they would still buy an iPad, regardless.

This definitely goes a long way to show that Google Android is moving forward not just with their iPhones, but people are interested in Google devices across the board. The recently announced Google TV initiative also uses the Android platform, and the advantage of these Android devices may be that they’ll be able to work together to create cool multi-device applications. Another interesting statistic was that 40% of consumers who own or plan to own an e-Reader also plan to buy an iPad this year. Will that number be affected if there was an Android tablet around as well? Hopefully people don’t start returning theirs!