Report: More Yahoo Job Cuts Imminent

Yahoo_Entrance.jpgYahoo is about ready to embark on another series of job cuts, according to a Silicon Alley Insider report. Quoting an anonymous source within the company, the article said that Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang just sent out a company-wide memo saying that he has hired outside consultants to help “get fit as an organization,” which is never good for a company’s current workforce.

“i know that yahoo! can benefit greatly from more discipline among all departments and functions, across the company. longer term, getting fit now will enable us to be more successful moving forward,” the memo read, apparently without any use of capitalization.

Yang never used the words “cuts” or “layoffs” in the memo, but as SAI points out, “we have yet to hear of a workplace where people are happier after the consultants show up, and we can’t imagine anyone but the most delusional Yahoos really think otherwise.”

(Image credit: Getty Images)