Report: Mobile Web Boosts Brands

NEW YORK Advertising on mobile Web sites and applications has the potential to significantly impact brand awareness, even in these still early days of the medium, according to a new report issued by research firm Dynamic Logic.

The report found that on average, awareness of a particular brand increased by 24 percentage points among those who were exposed to a mobile ad campaign compared to those who were not.

Based on research conducted on 21 mobile campaigns reaching over 20,000 users, Dynamic Logic found similar, though smaller average increases in message association (12 percent), brand popularity (5.5 percent) and purchase intent (almost 5 percent). The campaigns examined featured brands in categories including automotive, packaged goods, travel and retail.

However, the Millward Brown-owned firm cautioned that these numbers may be on the high side, given the newness of mobile media and its current lack of advertising clutter. Officials at Dynamic Logic said that early Internet advertising campaigns exhibited similarly positive results only to level off as the medium became more mainstream.

To date, the mobile ad market remains in it’s infancy, primarily because the number of mobile Internet and video users in the U.S. remains low. eMarketer projects that in 2008 mobile ad spending, including the SMS text, search and display segments, will approach just $1.7 billion, compared to the $28.5 billion overall forecast for online ad spending this year.