Report: EA Employees Are The Most Social Out of All Games Companies

mostsociallogoA recent NetProspex report studied the social network activity and popularity of the employees within various large businesses in the United States and found that EA was the most social games company. The scores for each company were measured by looking at the number of major social network friend connections, Twitter followers and Tweets by each employee and summed up across the company. EA followed Microsoft, eBay and Disney in the ranking. The report also found some interesting statistics about business social network usage in general.

30.3% of the people who used Twitter for business were female, according to the report entitled the “NetProspex Social 50”. Out of all the contacts measured throughout the survey, they also found that 33.7% of those were female. When looking at the social networks themselves, they found that out of the largest companies in the US, 43% of users had a LinkedIn account to only 11% having a Facebook account.

It’s interesting to see that EA ranks as the top most connected games company, but considering the fact that LinkedIn is part of the measurement I find myself less surprised. EA is a well connected company whose employees know people from all throughout the industry, and certainly as the survey ran across the various product managers, producers, marketing managers and executives, the number of LinkedIn connections would dwarf any other games company. This also explains why Microsoft was able to dominate the list.

Also, the report shows that LinkedIn is now an essential tool for businesses to be able to connect to one another. This is interesting, as through the history of Facebook there have always been mumblings about them aiming to hit the business demographic. Part of the impetus for releasing lists and easier privacy settings was the theory that people would be able to better control their business relationships as opposed to their personal relationships, and while that’s true, LinkedIn has really set itself apart as being the social network for business. The service’s ability to easily digest all of your important work and education history and put it into an impressive but standard presentation means that it’s very easy to understand someone’s business acumen just within a few seconds. Features like being able to export my resume also mean that LinkedIn is a social network that deserves to hold it’s place as the top social networks for businesses.