Report: Casual Gaming Reigns on Mobile

Subscribers still perceive mobile as a casual gaming platform in spite of publishers’ best efforts to roll out more advanced titles and features, according to a report issued by research firm Parks Associates and relayed by FierceMobileContent.

Some numbers from “The New Frontier: Portable and Mobile Gaming” analysis:

– while fewer than 10 percent of Internet gamers wish to play core or console-centric games on a mobile device, 55 percent expressed interest in playing puzzle and card games on mobile, and more than 30 percent want word and arcade games.

– more than 30 percent of respondents interested in portable gaming are interested in playing sports and action/adventure games

– of those respondents, 29 percent are interested in driving/flying games and 27 percent called for first-person shooter titles.

None of this is a huge surprise, given that mobile gamers generally have less time available and would rather not get lost in a 20-hour action adventure. (Well, this author might. Most folks wouldn’t.)

Report: Casual gaming continues to lead on mobile [FierceMobileContent]