Rep. Bachmann Shuns National Spotlight

Sometimes too much press is a bad thing?

That’s the sentiment of a Roll Call story (or CQ Roll Call depending which line you believe on the website) today by Kyle Trygstad on Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) who is largely avoiding the press these days.  Think of her as the antithesis of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-MediaWhore, N.Y.).

But not locally. Last weekend, Trygstad reports, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune featured a lengthy profile of the congresswoman who ran for President and lost and then ran for reelection to Congress and won by only one point.

Bachmann, known for freely engaging reporters on Capitol Hill has been turning down press requests and keeping a decidedly lower national profile. She wouldn’t even speak to Trygstad for his story.

An excerpt:

“Even Bachmann’s appearance last week at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, held just outside the nation’s capital, was relatively understated. She spoke off-camera on March 15 to a small room packed with GOP activists, and on the next morning, she delivered her main address when the media filing center was half-empty.

“Once happy to engage reporters in the speaker’s lobby, Bachmann recently declined interview requests from multiple Capitol Hill publications, including CQ Roll Call, and she slipped out of view of reporters after both of her CPAC speeches. Instead, Bachmann participated in a lengthy profile that ran last week in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and focused on her work in Congress.”

Read the full story here.