“Rent is 2 Damn High” McMillan Hits CPAC

Jimmy “The Rent is 2 Damn High” McMillan is actually here at CPAC. Of course, he’s not on the schedule of events. He’s just some guy screaming in the lobby about lowering rent and saving Egypt (?) who happened to mount an absurd campaign for New York governor last year. Adding to the crazy: he wears gloves at all times and has possibly the most infamous facial hair in the country.

Before the rant began, D.C. Young Republicans Chairman Rich Counts, who has organized a boycott of AOL since its purchase of HuffPost, tried to ask what McMillan thought of the merger. He refused to answer, saying it wasn’t an issue he cared about. “My concern is…” he started before trailing off and leading a chant about – what else? – rent being too damn high.

Counts is leading the boycott of AOL, saying his group doesn’t think “someone like Arianna Huffington” should be in charge of a major mainstream news outlet.