Reganomics: Lawsuit ‘Days Away,’ GalleyCat Drawn Into Fray


Day Five of Judith Regan‘s page-turner. The latest:

  • Variety: “In the matter of Judith Regan vs. News Corp., the legal fireworks are about to begin. Regan will file a wrongful termination suit against her former employer, News Corp. unit HarperCollins, in a matter of days, said her attorney, Bert Fields. Fields wouldn’t specify the damages she will seek, but the balance of compensation owed under Regan’s contract would be a starting point: “She’s not going to take this lying down.”
  • GalleyCat: Before Regan was informed of her firing, her e-mail access was cut off at 4:00PM Pacific time on Friday.
  • Speaking of GalleyCat, Radar reports: “Judith Regan’s Sirius radio show aired as scheduled this morning — but an exchange with a blogger that supposedly played a role in her firing was not part of the broadcast. Ron Hogan, who co-writes the book publishing blog Galleycat, was interviewed by Regan last week for a segment on Peter Golenbock’s “fictional memoir” of Mickey Mantle. During the interview, she went into a rant about how the “backstabbers at HarperCollins” had made her the scapegoat for the outcry over the O.J. Simpson book, If I Did It.”
  • Speaking of Sirius, USA Today: Regan to keep radio show.
  • Speaking of Regan’s admission that she became a “sex maniac,” Gawker: His interview may have been cut, but Hogan’s presence in the studio has to have informed that last bit somewhat, don’t you think?


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