Reddit Hit Two Billion Pageviews in December

Social aggregating site Reddit finished 2011 with some monster numbers. According to a post on the site’s blog, internal analytics show Reddit had more than two billion pageviews in the month of December alone. Here are the numbers to be exact.

1. 2,065,237,338 pageviews
2. 34,879,881 unique visitors
3. 12.97 pages / visit
4. 16 minutes average time on site
5. Over 100 million monthly pageviews per employee

Quite impressive. Reddit seems to have maintained the loyalty of the Digg users who bolted that site after an ill-advised 2010 redesign. This graph from the web-metric site Alexa just about says it all.

That red landslide you see corresponds with Digg’s redesign. It’s been all uphill for Reddit ever since.

Alexa puts Reddit as the 55th most-trafficked site in the United States.