Reddit Helps Condé Nast Set Traffic Record

Reddit dominates.

July was kind to the digital world of Condé Nast. According to WWD, the publisher’s collection of sites set a record high for traffic last month, reaching an audience of 87.3 million. That number represented a 47 percent increase over July 2014.

As for which site stood above all for traffic, it was (obviously) Reddit. The site grabbed 32.8 million unique visits, meaning Reddit provided almost 40 percent of Condé’s traffic. Wired was Condé’s top performer among magazines, attracting 13.4 million unique visits.

In an email to staffers, Condé president Bob Sauerberg extended his thanks. “As a small way of celebrating these awesome results, we are making coffees from the Coffee Bar and cafeteria on the 35th floor complimentary today. Hope you’ll enjoy a cup on us.”

That is certainly a small way of celebrating.