Redcoon About to Ship the Kobo Touch in Germany

It happened a few weeks later than Kobo wanted, but the Kobo Touch is now shipping in Germany.

Kobo launched its German eBookstore in July, and it promised to release the Kobo Touch in the German market in early September. That later got bumped back to the first of October, and that new release date unfortunately slipped as well. But the Kobo Touch is now shipping from Redcoon.

Technically, the KT ships within a week. Redcoon is selling it for the European retail price of 149 euros. For this (rather expensive)  price readers will be getting Kobo’s latest eBook reader, and it’s using the latest 6″ E-ink Pearl screen, with a zForce IR touchscreen, 2GB Flash storage, Wifi, a microSD card slot, and a new menu interface that was translated into German.