Catching Up With Katy Perry’s Favorite Photographer

From to every party scene imaginable.

In the September issue of Red Bull’s monthly magazine The Red Bulletin (U.S. edition), there is a lively look at the enviable professional beat of Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter.

From a modest start 12 years ago, anchored to the personal blog, Hunter has risen to the status of “world’s most sought-after party photographer.” He also works closely with singer Katy Perry and acts as the performer’s official tour photographer. From the Q&A with Florian Obkircher:

“In 2004, Perry was just a regular party girl who I photographed when I was out, and the two of us got along. Then, as her fame grew, she wanted me on tour because she was comfortable with me and knew that I would get great shots.”

In the six-page Red Bulletin spread, Hunter – known for his trademark Hawaiian shirts – comments about the circumstances of various highlighted photos. One, taken at New York’s Purple Fashion party, prompted this: ‘Just after this photo was taken, the ATL Twins were taking girls back to their room. You can’t beat that lifestyle.’
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