Receive More From Your FeedBurner Plug-In

After BlogBeat acquisition FeedBurner is now offering StandardStats service to track site statistics and now you are able to track feed and site audience from your FeedBurner account without any charge.



FeedBurner is very known tool to track feed subscribers – I and very much other bloggers are using FeedBurner plug-in to see feed stats which, I think, is important to see popularity of the blog. And now for all users is developed platform where yo can see not only feed statistics information but also site statistics.

By using FeedBurner site stats you get:

-Visitor summary, detail and trends
-Page summary, detail and trends
-Referral and Search trends
-Inbound referral traffic breakdown, grouped by domain and broken out in detail
-Outbound click breakdown
-Visitor city cloud and live geographic visitor detail
-Percentage inbound traffic from search and the queries that drove the traffic
-Percentage of visitors that are new to your site today
-Browser and OS breakdown, with trend indicators
-Detailed historical traffic by page and by date

The idea of FeedBurner is to provide, how they say, 360 degree view of audience engagement and it is great, because there will be no need to use several services to track feed and site statistics. This update isn’t end for FeedBurner activities connected with site statystics and it looks that it now have second wind. For more detailed information you can reed FeedBurner announcement and review on Download Squad.

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