Recalling the DRS, Then Trying to Remember What It Is Exactly


Since neither of us are British, it’d been a while since we’d heard the title of the group, The Design Research Society. But we’re glad we have, thanks to Amoeba Corp. and their fine linkage. But really, even though we’ve heard about it again, we’re still not entirely sure what goes on among its ranks. There is talk of design, but little else to flesh out how they mean “design.” Though looking through their former Chair members on this page, we realize it must be something fairly important. And if it’s worth anything, we really dig their site too. It’s got a nice, easy touch to it, yet it looks like it was built in a pre-internet era. Whatever the case, if you have more information, we’re curious. Here’s a little from their “History” section:

The Design Research Society was founded in the UK in 1966. The origins of the Society lay in the Conference on Design Methods, held in London in 1962, which enabled a core of people to be identified who shared interests in new approaches to the process of designing. The purpose of the DRS, as embodied in its first statement of rules, was to promote ‘the study of and research into the process of designing in all its many fields’. This established the intention of being an interdisciplinary, learned society. The DRS promoted its aims through a series of one-day conferences and the publication of a quarterly newsletter to members.