Really Bad Timing for Washingtonian

What’s Washingtonian to do? They write a huge, glowing piece on Dominique Strauss-Kahn by Apolline de Malherbe for their June issue. Then, after it goes to press and is mailed out, the goddamn guy goes and gets busted for rape.

From the print edition: “Few of his Georgetown neighbors recognize Dominique Strauss-Khan, but he might just be the next president of France.”

Yeah, not so much anymore.

So Washingtonian had to wipe the egg off their face. Hence this editor’s note: “The June issue of The Washingtonian—which has already been printed and is currently being mailed to subscribers and delivered to newsstands—includes a profile of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who has lived in relative obscurity in Washington for the last three and a half years. Titled “The Invisible Man” and written by French journalist Apolline de Malherbe, the profile was meant to introduce Strauss-Kahn’s neighbors here in Washington to a man considered one of Europe’s leading politicians—a man, as we say in the article, who might well be standing next to you in line at Whole Foods. We had no way to know that Strauss-Kahn would be front-page news by the time the issue arrived in the homes of subscribers and on newsstands; this weekend news broke that Strauss-Kahn had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel maid in New York.”

See an updated version of the story here. De Malherbe is a Washington correspondent for the France-based news channel BFMTV.

We don’t think we’ll be spotting DSK in line at the Whole Foods anytime soon.