Ready to Rumble: Miss D.C. ’09 V. Examiner’s Palmeri



Page 6 here she comes! Washington City Paper‘s “The Sexist” columnist Amanda Hess has unveiled a nasty squabble brewing between Miss DC 2009 Jen Corey and the Examiner‘s gossip columnists Tara Palmeri (who’s fleeing to the New York Post‘s page 6 in a few weeks) and Nikki Schwab over an item today.

Miss D.C. 2010 Stephanie Williams is asked if she, too, would “slam a man.” (Corey said she had been sexually harassed in a bar.) Keeping things classy, Williams told the columnists she’d slam a man (meaning she’d beat him up) but wouldn’t “take up pole dancing.”

The heated “she says she says” battle takes place over Twitter. Palmeri says a Yeas & Nays intern Jesse McLean wrote the story and that it was factual. Miss DC 2009 says, “Pretty sure that’s your job.”

The Examiner’s J.P. Freire steps in and comes to Yeas & Nays defense: “@JPFreire @MissDC2009, in cases of sexual assault, the approp. thing to do is to get away as fast as poss. You’re arguing something diff.”

Palmeri strikes back at “The Sexist”: “Way to ask the Examiner for comment, great reporting or just plain lazy RT @TheSexist: Examiner defends its reporting @JPFreire.”

The Examiner scribe remarked to FishbowlDC: “There’s nothing negative in there about Jen. …My intern wanted to write the item and she asked the new Miss D.C. what she thought about Miss D.C. 2009 and the bar fight and she wrote the item up. Miss D.C. 2010 defended what Miss 2009 did so there was nothing negative.”

Palmeri adds: I’m happy for Jen. She gets another day of publicity.”