Ready To Launch Your Media Startup?

spirit_0909_large_cover.jpgSouthwest’s in-flight magazine Spirit leads this month’s issue with the Entrepreneur Handbook, featuring advice, reading list recommendations, and even some Twitterers to follow.

The PDF version (or print edition, if you’re flying and can get your hands on the magazine) is much more fun to read, with plenty of infographics and charticles and whatnot.

Will this get your business off the ground? Hardly. We’d call it less of a “handbook” and more of an “inspiration book” but hey.

We liked Zappo’s founder Tony Hseih’s words of wisdom to an aspiring business founder:
“Chase the vision, not the money. Make sure that your business has a greater purpose beyond the bottom line. Figure out what you’d be so passionate about doing that you’d be happy doing it for 10 years even if you never made any money from it. And then go do it. The ironic thing is that if you are actually chasing the vision and not the money, the money will follow because your customers and employees will be able to sense your passion, and they will want to help you succeed.”