Reading Up on Hats Before Queen Elizabeth Heads to the Kentucky Derby

hatmagcol.jpg Hat Magazine is a British publication well worth your investment if you like chapeaux, enjoyable reading if you intend on attending the Kentucky Derby. Queen Elizabeth might be there this year. How cool would that be to rub elbows with royalty? Of course, it would be more fun if Prince William or Harry were there, but that’s ok. Just the chance to see the Queen’s legendary hats would be enough, and isn’t it interestig how much they resemble the late Princess Diana‘s toppers? Not a coincidence, this writer thinks. It would be a hoot to see the Queen’s noggin bedecked by milliner Philip Treacy or Eugenia Kim. It’s not very likely, yet it would really get the gossip hounds talking if shew ore something different. You know the papparazi would snap photographs like there’s no tomorrow. This writer wonders if the English monarch will bring along her husband and what kind of top hat he might wear? It’s food for thought this Wednesday.