Reading UnBeige Might Save You $45.00


If you’re the type of person who thinks about branding, would be excited to see Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products and User Experience at Google, now’s your chance. Core77, that mecca of good design info, is holding “Design 2.0, Discussions on Design Strategy and Innovation” on Feb. 28th, in New York. Sounds like a bang up event, beyond just that it was created by Core77. You’ve got all sorts of great guests, the Managing Editor of Business Week as moderator, a relatively inexpensive price of admission (see: before Feb. 15th, it’s $45 cheaper), and one of those topics that seem like a really, really intelligent blend of the mamby-pampy creative with the cold, solid truths of business. Here’s the quick summary:

One of the biggest challenges of brand and service design is to take complex systems and represent them to users as simple and clear experiences. From Google to Apple, from Kodak to FedEx, this panel discussion will center on the strategies for developing clear artifacts and experiences from sophisticated palettes.