ReadExpress Makes Its Big Debut

mikegrass.jpgEven though word is already out about the Express’ new blog–ReadExpress–they put on their Grand Opening publicity shoes today, with a letter from Publisher Christopher Ma, a big promo on the front page of the Express, a two page spread inside explaining how the whole thing works and an online chat with “Blogger in Chief” Michael Grass. (Grass invites readers to “pick his brain” during the chat. We’ve actually done that and, trust us, it’s a brain worth picking: Ask him about DC’s “hipster triangle” some day.)

Everything on the site looks swell and useful and all of that (we’d expect nothing less from Grass, an admitted Blog-o-holic), but we’re much more interested to see the blog-off (which, if you were curious, would look something like this) between Grass and his former colleagues at DCist, who finally acknowledged the product recently by declaring, “Are we scared of the competition, you ask? Heck no.”

But it will also be interesting to see how some of the folks at think of the venture. Will the blog content on distract readers away from some of’s features (such as Going Out Gurus)? While there is some synchronicity between the two sites, is largely an independent venture. Will folks working on’s City Guides and entertainment features feel like is invading their territory?

And eventually, will life-long’ers feel that the Grass is always greener on the other side?

(Thank you, thank you: We’ll be here all week.)