Reaction to Halberstam’s Death


From here:

    “The world has lost one of our greatest journalists. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to David’s family.” — Arthur Sulzberger Jr., chairman, The New York Times Co.; publisher, The New York Times

    “David Halberstam was a giant of contemporary journalism. His accidental death is a blow not only to his family and numerous friends, but also to the profession of journalism which he practiced superbly over a lifetime. Halberstam was the brightest light of the Vietnam reporting generation.” — former CNN correspondent Peter Arnett, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1966 for his coverage of Vietnam for the AP

    “I have often said that without the members of the media, the Civil Rights movement would have been a bird without wings, and David helped us fly so high. He was a dogged and determined journalist, but the people he wrote about trusted him. They trusted that he would get the story right, and they believed he would be fair.” — Rep. John Lewis, whose career as a student civil rights activist Halberstam wrote about in “The Children”

    “He was passionate about things. As a journalist he was very different from the rest of us. Not everybody went along with him, but he believed it was his duty to change things.” — retired AP photographer Horst Faas, who shared a house in Saigon with Halberstam during the early days of the Vietnam War and won a Pulitzer Prize for war photography in 1965