Reaction ‘Round the Web About the HP / LogoWorks Marriage


Following up on our post from the other day about HP buying LogoWorks, we’ve been seeing some reaction here and there in both posts on other blogs, as well as in their comments sections (where all the real action is). First up are the comments on Airbag, ranging from “I think it fits them well. HP has always been a very 1990s company…Welcome back to the past!” to “Good design does have an ROI, so you’re not really going into debt to get a proper visual identity, you’re investing in your business. I think you’d have to be pretty broke not to be able to afford at least an entry level pro design.” On the site Does Your Business…, the writer asks in a very interesting post, essentially, “Who cares? This doesn’t affect me at all.” And then, on the other side of the fence, Duct Tape Marketing replied by saying “I’m a fan of the LogoWorks concept and have partnered with them in the past. In addition, I write a blog for HP’s small business readers. Who knows maybe Duct Tape Marketing is next!”