RCR News: Helio Scores on Mobile Shopping, Surfing

RCR Wireless News posted a comprehensive review of Helio’s music store and overall user interface. Surprisingly, they seemed to like it, despite the reviewer’s experience with the iPhone and that Web surfing on Helio doesn’t compare.

According to the review, “Helio On Top definitely caters to [Helio’s] youthful demographic, cycling blurbs from SI.com, myspace.com, MTV Mobile, celeb news site Pop Sugar and the more staid Yahoo! News, plus a bit of flogging their own downloadable content.”

The review concludes that “[Helio On Top] is on the verge between addicting and annoying, but I’m leaning toward addicting. The model works, opens up interesting possibilities for advertisers to explore on device idle screens.” Hooray.

REVIEW: Helio makes surfing, shopping a breeze [RCR Wireless News]