Rawsthorn Wonders Why…


One of our favorites, Ms. Alice Rawsthorn, over at the International Herald Tribune, has a new piece up on the paper’s site, “Why the Overwhelming Numbers of Design Flops?” This time around, it’s not her usual review of something new out there (though she does include some of that within), but rather, an essay wondering why so much design work doesn’t, well, work. She lists it out, one through eight, listing the possible culprits of how this happens. Per usual, which you know if you’re already fan of Rawsthorn’s work, it’s a great read. Here’s one:

1. Designing for other designers. Car designers are among the chief culprits by appearing hellbent on designing principally to impress their peers. That’s why automotive design seems immune to the design trends that influence every other sector; why all of the emphasis is on the exterior of the car, not the interior; and why the industry has been guilty of ignoring entire consumer categories – like the 51 percent of the population that’s female, unlike car designers, who are mostly male.