Rapper B.o.B. and Neil Degrasse Tyson Beef Over the Earth Being Flat (Really)

And look up #FlatEarth for all you cosmology truthers out there.

If you have heard the hip-hop songs, “Airplanes”, “HeadBand,” or “Throwback,” then you are familiar with Georgia’s B.o.B.

Born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., the 27-year-old rapper has channeled his inner naysayer from the 15th Century. You see, back in the late 1400s people thought the earth was as flat as a pancake.

Of course, thanks to Columbus, Vespucci, and Magellan we learned that it’s not.

Good ol’ Bobby must have missed that day in school because he doesn’t quite buy all those globes in school he sees in school.

We know, right?! Dude was serious. And while that tweet is enough to make you laugh and call some third grader you know, this is the one that got the attention of someone outside PR, weather, and elementary school teaching.

Now imagine his Twitter feed with 48 more posts questioning the spherical origin of the planet. Aside from looking like he dropped out of school in 2nd grade, it starts to look like spam.

Well, someone decided to take young up on his offer. Enter acclaimed astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson!

It’s official: We have a beef!

And to commemorate this throwdown, the two did what rappers do — they wrote songs about their points of view and dogged each other in verse. (And yes, Tyson has a rap song to his credit. In fact, he almost joined Wu-Tang.)

First, B.o.B. penned his song about the why the Earth is flat, called “Flatline,” which illustrated his theory and called out Tyson by name. And for kicks: he also name-dropped David Irving, a renowned Holocaust denier.

Yes, that’s real.

Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest
They’ll probably write that man one hell of a check

Not to back down from a challenge, Tyson penned some dope rhymes of his own and released his own diss track directed right back at the atmospherically challenged rapper.

How ya’ like him now, B.o.B.?! I only ask because the rest like him just a little less after this effort.


[PHOTO MASH-UP: Vulture.com]