Random Guy Earns Celebrity Treatment

Today in It Actually Could Be You News: Some guy named Brett Cohen (who turns out to be a comedian and “web radio host”, surprise surprise) managed to pull a prank on Times Square tourists by convincing them that he was some kind of celebrity and recording their thoroughly embarrassing reactions with the obvious intention of creating a viral video…and we fell for it. The resulting 4:25 is worth a glance:

OK, we feel like we’re missing some crucial details from this story (and we can only hope that most of these victims were very drunk): It’s a slick production, we have no idea how the video was edited, and we can’t help but notice that Mr. Cohen was only able to pull his stunt after hiring fake bodyguards, paparazzi and a full camera crew to follow him around.

But the very fact that we was able to convince some very…impressionable people that his name was one they should know? That’s impressive–and more than a little disturbing. We’re surprised that more tourists mistook him for Andrew Garfield than for Seth MacFarlane.

So tell us: Is this video a brilliant commentary on our starstruck society or just another case of a doofus with a budget?