Rakuen Photobook for iPad: Photos of Ogasawara Island – Need I Say More?

The nice thing about being the editor (or co-editor in my case) of blog is that sometimes you can choose to write about something “just cuz.” My “just cuz” post today is about this free iPad app.

Rakuen Photobook #1 – Ogasawara Islands

I ran into it by accident when searching for an app in the App Store and accidentally selected this app. The Ogasawara (or Bonin) Islands are about 1000 clicks (620 miles) south of Tokyo. Fans of Japanese monster movies (raising my hand) might recall that “Monster Island” (Wikipedia entry) in the 1968 movie “Destroy All Monsters” (a gathering of Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and more) was located among the Ogasawara Islands.

As for my interest in this app? Well, check the name on my byline and you’ll probably understand. And, no, I’ve never visited the Ogasawara Islands. I wouldn’t mind doing so one of these days though. Looks like a nice place to visit.