Rain Slickers Trash Time

Today’s tidbits:

  • Arianna loves to blog.

    The problem isn’t that the stories I care about aren’t being covered, it’s that they aren’t being covered in the obsessive way that breaks through the din of our 500-channel universe.

  • From National Journal’s “Last Call”: A reader wonders, Is being subject of a Bob Novak rumor “like being on the cover of Sports Illustrated?”

  • Listen to John Tierney‘s wisdom…for free!

  • The Post and it’s newly acquired sister, Slate, picked up some Online Journalism Award nominations. Never heard of the Online Journalism awards? Oh, they’re the world’s only accolade given almost exclusively to money-losing entities.

  • CNN has new jackets for its hurricane crews.

  • CNN and Fox both ratings winners. MSNBC also still on the air. Technically.

  • Is it that Chris Matthews distorts reality or is it that creates reality? A thin line, we know.

  • Nudge? Fudge.