Rahm Emanuel’s Twitter Impostor Signs off, Disappears into a Time Vortex

Something had to break. We were expecting a showdown between Rahm Emanuel – now mayor of Chicago – and his Twitter impostor, @MayorEmanuel. The impostor had accumulated over four times as many followers as the real man himself, and Rahm had challenged his doppleganger to reveal their identity for charity. And yet… we didn’t see this coming: the immensely popular Rahm impostor has signed off Twitter, and has disappeared into a time vortex to save the world.

In a bizarre series of tweets, @MayorEmanuel has disappeared from our reality and entered a time vortex of his own free will, in an effort to save the planet.

Let’s start at the beginning…

@MayorEmanuel was created around the time the real Emanuel began his campaign for mayor of Chicago. It used heavy profanity – parodying the real Emanuel’s notoriously foul language – and often mirrored what the real man was doing that day. However, it was very obviously a parody account, and Twitter users quickly found their funny bones – by mid-February it had amassed over 25,000 followers, and by press time it current has just under 40,000 followers.

Compared to Emanuel’s own Twitter account @RahmEmanuel‘s 11,000 followers, and it’s clear who the winner is in this race, if not the mayoral one earlier this week.

Shortly before election day, Emanuel had gone on a Chicago radio show, saying that he thought the impostor’s account was funny, and that he would donate $5,000 to charity if the impersonator revealed his or her identity.

But no luck.

Instead, on the night of the election, @MayorEmanuel announced that he would have to willingly disappear into a time vortex because, apparently, there are two Rahms and only one can be mayor. I think… the storyline gets a little confusing, and it’s sometimes hard to make out between the cursing, but you can see for yourself by reading through @MayorEmanuel’s timeline.

Nonetheless, it appears as though poor old impostor Rahm has disappeared, for the good of humanity. His last tweet was the night of the election, and trails off as though he was interrupted by a giant vortex.

A dramatic end to a well-loved parody account.