Radio Host Ira Glass Bashes the Tele

Leave it to a radio host to bash television, but that’s exactly what “This American Life” creator Ira Glass did during a discussion in Seattle, Washington.
Washington News Council John Hamer, in describing the event, wrote:

Describing broadcast journalists, he [Glass] said that they sound like “talking robots….the esthetics of the language is so stiff” He [Glass] called that “one of the reasons why journalism is having such a tough time now.” Television journalism is “doing terribly,” he [Glass] said.”

Glass went on to say that he enjoyed Rachel Maddow and John Stewart while calling Glenn Beck “fascinating.” But Glass also added that, “Opinion in all its forms is kicking the ass of journalism.”

Some interesting television remarks coming from one of the more well respected radio personalities.

(h/t Romenesko)