Are Your Tweets @ALittleRacist?

Have you ever seen racist tweets and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish someone would call them out for that!” Your prayers have been answered.

There’s a Twitter handle, @alittleracist, run by some anonymous man in the UK (according to the corresponding website). The account “calls out racism, xenophobia, and stereotyping on Twitter. Because, well, someone has to do it.” Amen to that!

When it comes to racism, being “a little racist” is something like being “a little pregnant” – either you are or you aren’t. And @alittleracist demonstrates this pretty awesomely by retweeting posts that contain the words “not,” “racist,” “but.” He finds the tweets thanks to a script he created that searches for those three terms in that order and ignores @replies and such. It’s pretty simple really, as the website tells us:

You’ll often find that a lot of people start sentences with “I’m not racist but…” and then go on to say something truly outrageous.

Here are some gems:

The website shares just oodles of statistical data about the Twitters too – some of it surprising, some not so much. Racist tweets are more often misspelled (not surprising). Women are more racist than men on Twitter (surprising!). And the biggest shocker of all:

That’s disappointing, hmm?

Following the account is eye-opening and a bit depressing, with what appears to be predominantly younger people posting racist tweets without a second thought. Is it not viewed negatively by peers?

According to the site’s FAQs, occasionally people will protest the retweets and try to debate whether or not their tweet is actually racist. To this @alittleracist replies: “I don’t really care. I am re-tweeting posts that display a level of ignorance and generalisation that I feel the world would be better without.”

As you can imagine, some folks take issue with this stance – or possibly with the account holder’s refusal to back down from those who attempt to confront him. And this would be why the account is anonymous, we imagine. Again, from the FAQs and pretty hilarious:

Check out the Twitter stream and the website and let us know what you think. Do you like what this account is doing? Why or why not?

(Racism image from Shutterstock)