Rachel Dry Joins Post’s National Desk

From the Post’s internal announcement:

    We’re pleased to announce that Rachel Dry will become an assistant editor on National. Rachel has been Outlook’s stellar editorial aide for more than a year, where she’s shown a terrific ability to add creative touches throughout the section, from reporting, assigning and editing smart firsthand observations about this year’s presidential candidates to finding just the right voices to explain the hate-filled words of a troubled young soldier in Iraq. Before coming to the Post, Rachel worked at NPR as a producer for “All Things Considered.” In taking on this new job for National, Rachel will work closely with the entire desk to help us conceive of, and execute, new ways of telling stories in the A section and supplementing our coverage, whether through reported graphics, gathering first-person accounts, or working closely with assignment editors on sidebars that we might not otherwise be able to pull off. She’ll have a particular focus, at least initially, on the daily In the Loop page as well as the Sunday paper.