Quote of Note | Cheryl Swanson

“I think brands are going to become even more entrenched in our lives. But because there are so many brands and there’s so much choice, there’s a potential for brands to become part of the wallpaper and devolve back to product status versus ‘brand story’ status. So now more than ever, the strategy of being simple, sensory, and optimistic, and maniacally focused on the mandate—is critical. I would encourage corporations to act like visionaries, and brand stewards to act like a Steve Jobs or an Eric Ryan to ensure that a brand message is really simple, clear, and optimistic. What I’m nervous about is that brands will revert back to telegraphing social status. And I think that to continue to be successful in the future, they need to have an almost-iconic, maniacal sense of focus.”

Cheryl Swanson, president and founding principal of Toniq, interviewed by Debbie Millman in Brand Thinking (Allworth Press)