Questler Tries to Make the World an Active Learning Space

“Great minds think alike.” That’s a pretty simple phrase composed of four meaningful words. The world is so full of people possesing great minds that could make a big difference if only the knowledge stocked in those great minds collaborate, share and becomes part of a great learning experience. If people from all walks of life can congregate on a virtual space throughs social networks and other web 2.0 site, why can’t people with great minds connect? Questler will try to make that happen.

Questler believes that learning is best achieved through interaction, knowledge sharing and idea collaboration between individuals who are the drivers of the so called learning wheel. This is exemplified by the individual’s desire to learn. With those dictum guiding it, Questler is offering a platform for the creation of informal learning network which focusese on individuals’ experiences and otherwise meaningful conversations. These information and experiences are the information content that drives personal and collective connection to be created.
Questler offers a mini-blogging facility forwhere individuals can put text, links and multimedia to create a knowlege quest. Questler members of Questlers to be exact can create their learning network from other members they already know. In addition, Questler also lets its members to find others who share the same interest as the members.
So, what can we expect from Questler? Tons and tons of questions, query, inquisitions and more questions. But the good thing is, it’s all part of the learning experience. And that’s what makes Questler a unique web 2.0 service.