Questions For Rove

Dan Froomkin, who has been writing All Rove/Plame All The Time for the past couple of weeks, thinks that Candy Crowley wasn’t asking nearly the right questions of Bob Novak yesterday: “Here are some questions that Novak should be asked, forcefully and directly because as the person who initially published the leak he has a unique obligaion to provide the public with his understaning of what’s going on.”

His list:

  • Have you been notified that you are a target of the special prosecutor’s investigation?

  • It seems pretty obvious, from the fact that you are not currently in jail, that you have cooperated with investigators. Have you indeed met with prosecutors and/or testified before the grand jury? How many times? Under what circumstances?

  • Have you disclosed your two sources to the prosecutors and/or grand jury?

  • Did you get some sort of waiver from your sources before doing so?

  • You have said your lawyer has told you not to comment about the case, even to say whether or not you have testified at all. What, specifically, is his concern? Can we talk to him to confirm that?

  • Are you refusing to talk because you’re afraid of putting yourself in legal jeopardy? Are you in legal jeopardy? Or is it because Fitzgerald has asked you not to comment? If so, why are you honoring that request?

  • Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper felt free to describe his grand jury testimony in detail, including what sorts of questions he was asked. That was a boon to all journalists covering the case. Why won’t you do the same?

    That’s just for starters. Back to you, Candy.

We might suggest, Dan, that you pay $595 and go hear what Novak has to say at his super double secret background briefing next month.