Quattro, uLocate Team for iPhone

NEW YORK Quattro Wireless, a mobile ad network, has partnered with uLocate Communications, a publisher of mobile location-based services, to provide a platform for advertisers to target iPhone owners with what both parties believe to be an industry first to offer location-based advertising for the handheld device medium.

The deal will see the combined forces of Quattro’s In-App Network utilizing uLocate’s Where application — one of the top free downloaded applications at the Apple applications store, said Eswar Priyadarshan, chief technology officer for Quattro. Where provides consumers with data on where they are, where their friends are, as well as information such as where the closest gas station or restaurant is.

Quattro and uLocate will develop ad sponsorships for location-based keyword searches, as well as widgets and map options within Where.

“[These types of] applications present the next level of advertising — the targeting capability — because you can build in the ads to the application experience,” said Priyadarshan.

An example of this would be if a consumer typed in the keyword “Advil.” If Walgreens purchased this particular search term, a map would guide that consumer to the closest Walgreens pharmacy.

Under the deal, ad inventory for the Where application on the iPhone is available to Quattro’s flagship advertisers, such as Toyota, Herbal Essences, Sony, Comcast and Lionsgate. This is how the advertising for Toyota, for example, would appear: the widget would be applied to find the closest local gas station. Within that application, a banner ad for Toyota would appear. This gives the consumer the optimum choices for finding a gas station and the hope is they would be interested in learning about Toyota cars, noted Priyadarshan.

“The popularity of Where among iPhone users makes it an ideal platform for brands seeking innovative ways to reach a highly relevant and receptive audience,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of uLocate. “Together with Quattro, we are offering an unprecedented level of context to advertisers as we leverage the power of location to deliver the right message in precisely the right time.”

“We think we are opening the door to the ultimate promise of mobile advertising. In many ways, to my mind, the iPhone represents the pinnacle of one-to-one marketing. We believe we are letting advertisers participate in this relationship in a very useful fashion,” added Priyadarshan.