Quarter of a Million Visit Festival of Architecture


Checking in for one last time on the London Festival of Architecture, which packed up and finished off this past Sunday, the event’s planners are apparently pretty pleased with the turnout. According to Building, more than 250,000 people attended the hundreds of events associated with the festival, from the outdoor, temporary structures, to the exhibitions, to the conferences and lectures, making it, by far, both the largest and most popular architecture fest on the planet (assuming, of course, that there aren’t any merpeople celebrating feats of building deep within the sea). Here’s a bit from the guy who put it all together, Peter Murray:

“Architecture is now at the forefront of the cultural agenda, and the festival has show that it is an essential consideration for the many rather than a specialist interest for the few,” said festival director Murray.

He added that many areas within London and organisations not included this year have been asking to be involved in the next of the biennial festivals in 2010.