Puzzle Chasers is this week’s top emerging Facebook game

infeatureKonami’s Puzzle Chasers is once again picking up speed, taking the top spot on our emerging Facebook games list this week with 52,108 monthly active users for a 124 percent gain. This is the first time we’ve seen the game show serious growth since it launched last summer.

What appears to be a scam app masquerading as a port of Sony’s acclaimed console game Uncharted 3 took the No. 2 spot with 73,334 MAU for a 132 percent increase. The remaining top five games were tied between PlaySpace’s Luno PlaySpace, Sunset Games’ Tank Fighter and FLW’s fishing sim FishPro  with 41,632 MAU and up 99 percent.

As often happens with IGG’s web-based MMORPGs, its Philippine version of GodsWar saw huge surge in traffic this week, moving up by 562 percent with 35,579 MAU.

Among the remaining games on the list, nearly all saw gains of 99 percent or more, but only one more than 200 percent: Toy Studio’s Word Off!, which brought in 31,279 MAU for a 294 percent gain.

1. Puzzle Chasers94,286+52,108+ 124%
2. Uncharted 373,334+41,701+ 132%
3. Luno PlaySpace83,810+41,632+ 99%
4. Tank Fighter83,810+41,632+ 99%
5. FishPro83,810+41,632+ 99%
6. GodsWar: Web 3D MMO Game (PH)41,905+35,579+ 562%
7. Hellout94,286+31,721+ 51%
8. Zylom Games94,636+31,369+ 50%
9. PuzzleVille Jigsaw Puzzles52,381+31,292+ 148%
10. MilMo52,381+31,292+ 148%
11. Wordosaur Crossword Game52,381+31,292+ 148%
12. Our DrawTwo52,381+31,292+ 148%
13. Word Off!41,905+31,279+ 294%
14. Baby Adopter62,857+31,224+ 99%
15. Day X62,857+31,224+ 99%
16. Celeb Poker62,857+31,224+ 99%
17. Crystal Legacy62,857+31,224+ 99%
18. Cubefield62,857+31,224+ 99%
19. KingsRoad62,857+31,224+ 99%
20. Bubble Ocean62,857+31,224+ 99%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.