Put Your Butt Where Scarlett Johansson’s Butt Once Was


There’s only one thing that’s more exciting than the fact that ScarJo‘s new movie The Nanny Diaries is coming out in a few weeks: The fact that you could win the furniture used in the film:

Taking cues from the novel by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, production designer Mark Ricker and set decorator Andrew Baseman based their designs on the lifestyle and personality of the characters as they created an upper echelon, “old money” look–all within the budget and a grueling 8-week schedule. The apartment is traditional, comfortable and inviting, but also looks striking and modern, reflecting Mrs. X’s taste as a former manager of the Gagosian Art Gallery.

Although we’re not entirely sure why Mrs. X would furnish her house in Henredon when she could have lugged a few Marc Newson pieces home from work, we’d say the ScarJo butt factor is pretty compelling. As long as you you can accept that co-star Paul Giamatti may have sat there, too. Naked. Look for the set in the April issue of Traditional Home and enter to win at Henredon.com.