Publisher Nick Burry: The L Magazine Celebrates Successful Year With A Party And More

Publisher Nick Burry enjoying the libations, second to right. Photos by Emily Anne Epstein for L Magazine

It’s not often you go to a bar with a 120-minute happy hour, but that’s exactly what we got at The L Magazine‘s holiday party Friday at Home Sweet Home.

Sure, by 10 pm it was hard to move (except on the dance floor), but considering that this party was exclusively for the New York-based magazine (it takes its name from the notoriously hipster-filled L subway line) (the “L” stands for New York’s local magazine), some close friends and its advertisers, it would be easy to look around and come to the conclusion that print is definitely not dead.

We had a chance to talk to Nick Burry, associate publisher of The L, who told us that the annual holiday party was a way for employees to unwind. “After all, we run a pretty tight ship around here,” he laughed.

But it’s true: in 2009 alone, The L restructured itself as a bi-weekly magazine, hosted the Northside Festival (a 3-day music event in Williamsburg), and helped host the movie events Summerscreen in McCarren Park. And now that winter is upon us, The L just launched its first iPhone app called Cocktail Compass, which finds happy hours around the city at the touch of a finger. In early 2010, Burry told us, the magazine is looking to launch an event-based app that would let users know what bands, concerts, and parties are going on around the city. If this sounds like a million other apps in progress right now, The L‘s has a secret weapon.

“Keeping it simple is best idea,” Burry said. “Something really very streamlined and simple.” Hey, maybe it will even work on our Blackberry!

We also asked Burry about any changes the magazine will see in 2010. “Focusing on developing digital content and editorial online will be our main goal, but we also want to spend more time on events like Northside party, which was a huge success last year and we’ll have more time to plan for it this year,” he said.

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