Facebook Turns on Commenting For Public Profile Wall Posts

Facebook’s new public profiles have had support for commenting on status updates since the new design was pushed out but one flaw was the inability to comment on fans’ wall posts. Thankfully Facebook has turned that feature on tonight. Up until this evening, public profile admins could not comment on users’ wall posts. It was actually a pretty substantial limitation.

I personally had a number of users that regularly post wall comments and I’m not able to reply to them. As of tonight that has all changed. I can thankfully comment and “like” any of the new wall posts. It’s not a huge change but it’s something that many have been anticipating. It’s a fundamental feature that probably should have been added early on. It’s clear that Facebook is upgrading their products to function more effectively within the new system.

The changes highlight how users’ communication channels have been switched without notice thanks to the new Facebook design and not even Facebook had all the features in place to handle what have become “unforeseen” walls. The users don’t appear to be leaving the site though. Thankfully they keep on returning and despite the new layout and the new model of communication, Facebook still has an extremely active user base.

Facebook continue to make ongoing product changes and public profiles appear to be one of the primary focuses of change currently. One feature that I suggested would be useful would be the ability to track the conversion of new visitors into fans: how the users landed on the public profile and what they clicked on. While that’s only a dream for the time being, I’d expect Facebook to roll out many new features in the near future.

Thanks to Dan Birdwhistell for the heads up on this new feature!

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