Psst…What’s the Secret Behind the Cover?

1582701709.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg While many Americans are busy talking about the Secret (the book or the DVD, take your pic), this writer wants to know more about the artwork on the hardcover book. It’s supposed to look mysterious, right? It vaguely resembles a vintage 1490s map that Christopher Columbus might have used, correct? Maybe that’s the point. Perhaps he was in on the original ‘secret,” but this writer is certain he didn’t get a pay cut. Ah well, he attempted to find the Americas. Good enough in this scribe’s eyes. I think the art on this tome should have been Secret deodorant. Yes, a product placement. How crass of this writer! But if you think about it: a little protection under the arms can be a harbinger of great wealth. Or least you’ll get through a job interview with little or no sweat. And that is great accomplishment in this journalist’s book.