Provide Feedback During The State Of The Union Address

On Tuesday President Obama will give the annual State Of The Union address. Millions will watch the President give the address on TV, after which it will be picked apart of on talk radio, on TV, and in newspapers. Keys Labs has developed an Android app, currently available in the Android Market, that you can use during the speech to provide your feedback.

As you can see in the screen shot, the State of the Union – 2011 app has a simple slider on the right, and you drag the slider up if you are happy with what is being said and slide it down if you are not happy with what is being said. A graph shows your reaction along with the reaction of other participants, aggregated by political party. Content will also be updated in the application during the speech that will provide background information or facts associated with what the President is saying.

One caveat, I don’t think Keyes Labs is very clear about what it is going to do with the data it is collecting. Keyes Labs says it will analyze the data during the weeks after the address, and state that the app is an experiment. I would imagine that if there are enough participants the data will be valuable to someone. I plan to use the app while I am watching the address, mostly to see how well it performs.